New York


From award winning French artist and producer Andy Favre comes New York, a song off of his debut album, Quest. Set against the spectacular backdrop of New York City, the video follows the course of a couple’s relationship from beginning to end … to beginning again.

Director’s Statement:

I’ve collaborated with Andy on a number of projects over the years, and from the moment I heard his CD, I knew I wanted to shoot a video for New York. The song always felt very visual to me, and I knew there was a story there I wanted to tell. Working together with Andy, we put together an amazing team of collaborators both in LA and New York, and flew across the country to cast and scout in NYC. After finding a pair of very talented actors, we spent several days shooting in one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the world. New York has a life and an energy that’s impossible to replicate anywhere else, and the shoot was an experience I’ll never forget.


Lenny Platt as Ben

Mitzi Peirone as Evelyn


Song by Andy Favre

Cinematography by Adnan X. Khan

Edited by Rowan Glenn