Going Up


For Samantha, a struggling comic, it seems like a regular Saturday night: another stand up set at another dead end comedy club. But tonight is different. Something is bothering Samantha, and when it comes out, it could change her life in ways she can’t imagine.

Director’s Statement:

In making Going Up I had the good fortune to work with Jared Nigro, a very talented actor and writer. As we worked on the script together we put together a story that’s very personal to both of us, as it deals with the struggles that every artist faces when they begin their career. Everyone who follows their dreams faces the tough choice between stability and doing what they love, and there are no easy answers. It’s a scary first step to take, and I can definitely see a bit of myself in Samantha.



Staci Pratt as Samatha
Jared Nigro as David


Director of Photography: Saman Yaghmai Aledavoud
Editor: Rowan Glenn