Ghost In The Machine


Greg Finley is a man with a seemingly perfect life. He has a successful career as a writer, a good home and a loving family. But when a mysterious figure from Finley’s past begins to threaten the ones he holds most dear, his perfect world begins to come apart. Troubled by strange visions, a shocking revelation will force Finley to make a choice that will alter the course of his life forever.

Director’s Statement

Ghost in the Machine is a story that’s been with me for a long time. I had the core ideas for the film bouncing around the back of my head for years before I ever wrote the script, and once I had it on paper I knew it was a movie I had to make. The film’s central themes of love and family have always spoken very strongly to me, and with beautiful performances from the cast and wonderful contributions from the rest of the creative team, it’s a project I couldn’t be more proud of.


Zachary Steinback as Greg Finley

Rebecca Rainbolt as Chloe Finley

Cassidy Guetersloh as Rebecca Finley

Oliver Finn as The Man


Director of Photography: Saman Yaghmai Aledavoud

Editor: Rowan Glenn

Original Music by Andy Favre